(...common goals...)



(...common means...)



Trapped within the institutional framework of commodity exchange, every reformist attempt to mitigate or adapt to ongoing planetary changes such as global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, freshwater depletion, and species extinction, is doomed to fail.

...from: Avoiding Extinction



What is to be done can only be done together. Indeed, nothing should deter us from building new bonds of solidarity, from uniting the struggles for planetary sustainability.

...from: Starting a Revolution



This shift of perspective does not deny human well-being, but frames it in such a way that it helps us to gain control of the social metabolism with nature, allowing us to determine how to interact with each other and our environment on a long-term basis.

...from: Living the Revolution



If we are to determine our own future, all revolutionary processes, short-term as well as long-term, must become locally rooted, relying on the power of place-loving people.

...from: Neighborhoods of Love



As the planetary crisis deepens, it is evident that we must make this century a turning point. What is more, we must institutionalize this turn in human history.

...from: Earth System Century



(...reimagining the struggle...)

What kind of activism can stop the geoingeneering efforts to change the climate and the planet?

What is wrong with reformist transformation strategies?

How do we break the ideological hegemony of capitalism?

What can replace the unequal exchange mechanisms of capitalism?

How do we turn global supply chains into planetary solidarity chains?

Why is the neighborhood perspective essential to sustainable human development?

How is ecological creativity related to human needs?



(...living together...)


Poem: Nowhere

The lawns are burning, the houses are burning, and the asphalt roads are melting; nowhere to hide, nowhere to go; an unsustainable society is disappearing before our eyes; the crows are singing intensively.

...from: Syllables for the Planet