(...time for the planet...)

Neighborhoods of Love

If we are to determine our own future, all revolutionary processes, short-term as well as long-term, must become locally rooted, relying on the power of neighborhood-loving people. In other words, our neighborhoods must become the (radically decentralized) centers...


Walking for Peace

As long as imperial ambitions exist, we must resist, insist that human development dictated by the interests of imperialist states is not what we need, not what will make society sustainable. Walking for Peace is a weekly manifestation against the cruelties of war, showing...


Gardening for Peace

Peace of mind and peace on Earth are intimately related, and community gardens can work as a bridge between the two. Gardening for Peace is an expression of borderless solidarity, a way to support people traumatized by war, and a means of overcoming through...


Earth United Day

Earth United Day, celebrated on August 21, is a day of social and ecological reimagination, a protest against the hegemony of capital, and a recurrent opportunity to unite the struggles for a sustainable future. Serving as a starting point for radical change, it unites through mutually...


Earth System Century

There is no longer room for doubt or hesitation. As the planetary crisis deepens, it is evident that we must make this century a turning point. What is more, we must institutionalize this turn in human history. The Earth System Century is an initiative for radical social and ecological...