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Time for the Planet

Earth System Century

There is no longer room for doubt or hesitation. As the planetary crisis deepens, it is evident that we must make this century a turning point. What is more, we must institutionalize this turn in human history. The Earth System Century is an initiative for radical social and ecological transformation, a long-term bottom-up effort to bring sanity and rationality to the heart of human development. As such, it is empowering and emancipating, reminding us that we participate in the same revolution.

Guided by scientific knowledge, taking into account everything from genetic diversity to planetary boundaries, the Earth System Century is a revolutionary effort to avoid the tipping points of the Earth system, to avoid – among other things – climate catastrophe and the sudden disappearance of humanity. Viewed as a framework for action, it rests on the assumption that conscious human beings, individually and collectively, are capable of transforming society in a sustainable direction.

Earth System Century is all about leaving a time of systemic destruction and human alienation behind, all about facilitating the emergence of socially and ecologiclly beneficial practices and systems. Interpreted as an ongoing critical reflection or reimagination, it urges us to live the revolution, in thought and in action. Indeed, if we are to reach planetary sustainability, we must create new socio-ecological relations, intimate bonds of planetary solidarity that are (highly) resistant to all kinds of disturbances.