(...replacing capitalism...)

Avoiding Extinction

Trapped within the institutional framework of commodity exchange, every reformist attempt to mitigate or adapt to ongoing planetary changes such as global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, freshwater depletion, and species extinction, is doomed...


Radical Reorientation

We are not spectators of history, lacking the ability to challenge the power structures of capitalism, be they military or financial, overt or covert. It is self-deceptive, therefore, to think of ourselves as borrowers, consumers, employees, competitors, nationals...


Spaces of Solidarity

Unless we act now and act everywhere, the prospects for humanity will rapidly detoriate. Hence there is good reason to use our collective power to create a new social order, free of systemic oppression and violence – full of planetary solidarity and sustainable paths...


A Commons Society

It is difficult to imagine a sustainable society without literate, responsible, self-critical people, difficult to imagine sustainable transformation without conscious social interactions; we are social beings, and as such curious, communicative, and collaborative, born...


Starting a Revolution

The immediate past is not the best guidebook to the future. Why learn from wasteful, profit-driven practices, when we can learn from the patterns and processes of nature, from water, trees, and honey bees? Why let agribusiness destroy fertile soils, virgin forests, and our common future...